Posted by: abaybay123 | November 5, 2007

College Student Athletes Exceed Label

I came across a new blogging website that seemed to be pretty legit in terms of context and efficiency. The one article of the “Rachels Tavern” blog really reached out and won my interest. The post discusses yet another stereotype of the todays world. The author talks about how black student athletes are sometimes labled as “dumb” individuals who do not succeed in the classroom. Realistically, this is not the case.

There are a host of reasons why black athletes graduate at higher rates than black students who are not athletes. A few of those reasons would include: black athletes usually have significant scholarship money, athletes often receive tutors and extra counseling, athletes usually are required to attend “study table,” and athletes can build social networks with other athletes which provides social support unavailable to many non-athletes.
It is sad to see black athletes vilified so often in popular media, especially when they out perform other black students. Imagine how many more black college graduates we would have if we raised the graduation rates for all black students to the level that it is for black athletes. Since most black students are not athletes, this would be a very significant number. In fact, I wish we paid more attention to black students who weren’t athletes because they don’t get the same level of social and financial support. Of course, the ultimate goal would be to close the graduation gap between blacks and whites, but in the short run, raising the graduation rates for non-athlete black students is a much easier goal. But nobody is focused on that problem, since they tend to think black athletes are the source of lower achievement for black college students…

These last two paragraphs raise many thoughts concerning the issue. The situation can be looked at in several directions. One way is to recognize the statistics proving that a black student athlete is more likely to graduate than a normal black student. This was not to surprising to me considering these athletes are provided with all the tutors and assistants necessary to help them pass and make them elligible to play. Another way to look at this issue to is address it with the intentions of defining what exactly “dumb” is and who these individuals are being compared against. One question I would like to be answered is: Are these black student athletes being labeled dumb within their race or are they being compared against whites and other students? I think it would be interesting to see statistcs that correlate the relationship of whites success in the classroom versus black student athletes success. I would be willing to bet the differnece would not be that evident. Alot of these athletes carry the same determination on the field over into the classroom. In the end, I strongly believe the stereotype of black student athletes being “dumb” is completely false and unjustified.


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