Posted by: abaybay123 | November 5, 2007

Dumb Blonde Stereotypes Portray Sexism

While browsing through “The Situationist” blog, I came across another article having to do with stereotypes and the effects they have on today’s society. This article specifically addresses the “dumb blonde” stereotype and how common it is amongst our lives. The Western Carolina University psychology professor who led the research was quoted as saying that the high exposure of the stereotype affects the men’s peroceptions of the women around them.

A research project led by a Western Carolina University psychology professor indicates that jokes about blondes and women drivers are not just harmless fun and games; instead, exposure to sexist humor can lead to toleration of hostile feelings and discrimination against women.

“Sexist humor is not simply benign amusement. It can affect men’s perceptions of their immediate social surroundings and allow them to feel comfortable with behavioral expressions of sexism without the fear of disapproval of their peers,” said Thomas E. Ford, a new faculty member in the psychology department at WCU. “Specifically, we propose that sexist humor acts as a ‘releaser’ of prejudice.”

Later on in the article, the author talks about men that enjoy sexist jokes more than neutral jokes tend to be less willing to donate money to women organizations. This article is interesting because it made me realize that a simple car commercial could contain one or two stereotypes that might have a serious effect on a man’s perceptions. In this world today, it is almost nearly impossible to completely escape stereotyps and bias comments. With all the diverse cultures in society, it makes it hard to please everyone. And considering how ones surroundings can greatly influence their lives, these stereotypes often are absorbed by the people of the world without them even realizing. Supreme equality is a very tough goal that America works at on a daily basis, but one has to question whether this actually can be achieved…


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