Posted by: abaybay123 | November 13, 2007

Drugs Flood Sports Industry

This is sort of a random post but being the huge sports fan I am, I came across this interesting article on  Below is an excerpt I felt outlined the issue:

PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said players will receive a manual next month as part of an education program that will extend through June, with testing to follow.

The manual will contain a list of prohibited substances that fall under 10 categories, ranging from anabolic steroids to human growth hormone to narcotics to beta blockers.

Finchem said the tour can test players without notice anytime and anywhere, and testing at a PGA Tour event can occur before or after practice or competition. There was no limit to how many times a year a player can be tested. It was not clear if there would be any mandatory testing of players, such as the winner of a tournament.

Penalties could include ineligibility for up to one year for the first violation; up to five years for the second violation; up to a lifetime ban for multiple violations; and fines up to $500,000.

From reading the above excerpt or the article as a whole, you can obviously see the issue is the use of drugs in the Professional Golf Association (PGA).  This is just another addition to the national disaster of drug abuse amongst professional athletes.  Whether it is steroids or marijuana, athletes across the world are using illegal substances.  I think it is very interesting how drug testing has evolved over the last decade.  It went from being concentrated mainly on the crackdown of steroid usage in baseball and the olympics, to expanding into multiple categories of drugs in several different sports.  I think the PGA being the latest league to invest in drug testing will bring fear amongst the professional golfers.  I would be willing to bet there are a few golfers out there using steroids so they can drive the ball that much further.  This would result in a better score, which would result in a higher ranking, which would result in, do the math…yes! your right, the golfer making more money.  I believe this new drug testing policy in the PGA will prove to be beneficial to the golfing society and the professional sports industry as a hole.  It strives to keep professional athletes fair to their competitors and loyal to the game.


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