Posted by: abaybay123 | November 29, 2007

Sexist Given Another Chance?

This article in the USA Today talks about how former controversial news caster, Don Imus, is being given another chance at the radio.  This time instead of being with CBS radio, Imus with be aired on the ABC radio.  I was shocked at this news considering the commotion he caused eight months ago.  When talking of the Rutgers Womens Basketball Team, Imus referred to them as a “group of thugs” and “a bunch of nappy headed hoes.”  Imus was made the face of the sports industry for weeks to follow.  After losign his job with CBS, and barring his age, I was convinced Imus would never return to the radio.  But I guess I was wrong.  I feel that ABC made the wrong decision in hiring him.  With all the sexism, racism, and descrimination that occurs in our country, I think the last think the last thing the sports industry needs is for Imus to be allowed back on the air.  Granted he apologized for his actions, but do you really think he was sincere? Or are you like me and just think he was dissappointed he lost his job and gained so many enemies?  Our world today is continually fighting for equality amongst all individuals.  We do not need people like Imus promoting otherwise.


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